Didcot Casuals Football Club
Didcot Casuals Football Club
U16 Boys
St Edmunds

Away | 01 October 2017

Match Report

Talking to the team at training on Monday it was clear they were unhappy to have fought hard in 3 games but to have lost, the game on Sunday was the first game this season where I felt we would be on a par with the opposition and if we worked as hard as we did in the first 3 games of the season that it would be a close game.

What we all saw was a team grow in confidence as the game went on, we started with a back 4 and a defensive midfielder and their job was to keep St Eds out for the first 20 minutes and we would build from there, we went one better and got an early goal.

We switched players, we switched formation and we kept moving forward on the break and looked like scoring more often than not, a 2nd goal and then a 3rd and you could just see the boys all growing in confidence, it was a shame to concede as the 1st half came to an end, but it was an unstoppable shot and 1-3 was a fair reflection. For those that raise an eyebrow at that comment, although St Eds had a lot of possession they were not breaking down the back 4, only when our back 4 were out of position did they even get a sniff at our goal.

Moving into the 2nd half changes were made to rest players and to bring on players that hadn’t had their time yet, Freddie Sparkes as left back was a new position and with me and Alex talking to him he was able to hold that position and keep out attacks on the right for St Eds, so much so that they stopped passing to the player on the right wing. The game was end to end and when St Eds scored it was a good test of the team and how they reacted. Getting that 3 goal cushion back was key and when we did we were looking like the most likely to score next, St Eds had given everything and just hit the brick wall that is our back 4, we however were finding ways through them and nearly scored 2 sublime goals late in the game.

Man of the match is difficult in a game when so many players did so well, but both Connor and Charlie had excellent games, so this weeks Man of the Match is Charlie.

Goals from Greg, Robbie x2 and Scott x2

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